I Ever Had "D" As My Last Name

Hahaha.. The show last night in GBK took me to somewhere about ten years ago, when i'm in hi school with my mates Nindy and Meta. It feels like yesterday, you know. The days we shared our teenager's problems, about our complex love triangle (which actually never shaped triangle, haha.. We often love the same boy!), and how we loved Linkin Park much.

Yeah, at that time, i remember i crazily admired Brad Delson. He was cute, huh? I had his picture in my scrap books, i collect his poster from some magazines then i glue it into my wall.. So i can see the cute Mr.D all night long.

And I sometimes put his last name into mine. Hahaha.. Now it sounds a lil bit embarassing. But i couldn't forget how "D" stick in my name sometimes. At that time. And it works! My english course teacher thought "D" is the part of my name! Haha

And last night, i finally see Mr.D in that stage. It is really silly when i dont use my press card just to try and bet a chance to meet him in the backstage or maybe in their hotel. Well, actually i wanna do that. But somehow i don't.

Love you, Mr.D! Can I borrow your name again? I think Isma Savitri Delson is not that bad :) xoxo