Matthew Settle is Both Hot and Cool !

Do you watch Gossip Girl the series? Do you know the hottie daddy named Rufus Humphrey whom played by actor Matthew Settle? Do you think he's cool? Or maybe you realize he's hot too as he pumps the beat up with his nerdy style? Haha :D

Oh God, i'm really sorry for talking too much about your creature called men. But i think, some of them really make my day. And that is what Rufus did to me. #eh

I know, Gossip Girl had so many boys around Manhattan. I guess you know Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, or that blonde cute skinny boy, Nate Archibald. But i can keep my eyes from blinking when I see Rufus in the scene.

Rufus, Rufus, Rufus. He is about 40 or 45 in Upper East Side. But there's something about him which make me simply happy, and dare to dream about having a prince charming oneday.

Ah, i don't know. I'm just falling in love with his warmth, with his eyes, with his body in loose grey shirt, and his light brown hair which never looks tidy. Hahahaha.

Yeah, Rufus Humphrey really made to fulfill the taste of hot and cold neat mixing. I love his sexy face, his cranky life, his adventurous love story, the way he kissed, or the way he treats women.

And for about three months working in Kuningan, South Jakarta, hardly to believe that i never found someone like him! Hoho.. Did someone like Rufus Humphrey only made one, or God doesn't give me a chance yet to meet his shadow? Xoxo

What a sexy sight..
Aaaaaaaah !! Rufus you made me crazy!