Playlist, Cemburu, dan Queen

Saya nggak ngerti saya lagi kenapa. Lagi ngerasa apa. Lagi pengen marah sama siapa. Lagi pengen bicara ke siapa. Saya nggak ngerti. Saya melirik ke playlist, dan berhenti pada lagu ini..

Oh how wrong can you be?
Oh to fall in love was my very first mistake
How was I to know
I was far too much in love too see?

Oh jealousy look at me now
Jealousy you got me somehow
You gave me no warning, took me by surprise
Jealousy you led me on
You couldn't lose you couldn't fail
You had suspicion on my trail

How how how all my jealousy
I wasn't man enough to let you hurt my pride
Now I'm only left with my own jealousy

"Jealousy - Queen"